50 Best Resources For a Home Based Business

בית-ירוק_חסכון-בחשמלHere are some resources to make your home business a grand success. Thousands of people across the world are starting off and becoming successful you can too.

  1. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of successful home business models out there. Just pick one that resonates with you. There are many websites that will help you pick the right home business opportunity – visit them.
  2. Do some research to be sure that the opportunity can really earn you a profit.
  3. Learn about your home business idea – get as much information as possible.
  4. Browse the Internet – it is a great place to get information.
  5. Get your website.
  6. Book a domain name that sounds similar to the business you are in.
  7. Get ready to market your business.
  8. Improve your search engine visibility.
  9. Every website needs traffic. If there are no visitors there cannot be any sales, therefore improve your traffic by running a PPC campaign. This lets you get traffic almost immediately.
  10. Not only marketing yourself online, you need to offline market too.
  11. Participate in business meets, trade fairs etc.
  12. Meet as many people and spread the word around.
  13. Business merchandising is an excellent and inexpensive way of promotion.
  14. Follow up a sale with pro-active customer support.
  15. Listen to customer feedback and incorporate them into your business.
  16. Read about the success stories – learn about the stalwarts in your industry and this is sure to inspire you as well.
  17. To be successful, think big – say ‘no’ to ‘poverty consciousness’.
  18. Always think positive – no one achieved anything by being negative.
  19. Be ready for business ups and downs.
  20. Learn from your mistakes and move on – all of us make mistakes.
  21. Your home business may often need business advice – seek it when needed.
  22. Become mentally prepared to work from home.
  23. Get ready to work alone. Home business entrepreneurs often miss the office environment – so be prepared for this.
  24. Discipline is a key to your home business success.
  25. Perseverance gives good results. Motivate yourself to keep working smart not hard.
  26. Make a business plan and follow it.
  27. Write press releases to drive traffic to your website.
  28. Create internal targets – short term, midterm, and long term.
  29. Push yourself to meet your targets and give yourself a prize when you achieve them.
  30. Start an affiliate program to spread your marketing.
  31. You can sign up to become an affiliate yourself – there are many profitable opportunities out there.
  32. Become a member of the various forums and start commenting.
  33. Start your own blog – it is a great way to generate traffic.
  34. Improve the conversion rate of your website by ensuring that your website has no usability issues. Plan the navigation structure well so that visitors can navigate easily. If you have e-commerce, ensure that the payment gateway is working perfectly.
  35. Do some price testing to find out at what price level you can enhance revenues the most.
  36. Start an exit pop-up survey on your website to find out why the person did not buy it.
  37. Write articles and publish them at article directories.
  38. You can also upload the articles to your own website.
  39. Writing ‘How to’ articles can establish you as an expert.
  40. Write an interesting bio about yourself and provide a link to your website.
  41. Do keyword research and create a database of your most important keywords (primary, secondary and tertiary) and optimize your website for these keywords.
  42. Optimize the meta tags of your website because this will help you achieve better search engine ranks.
  43. Advertising in social media websites.
  44. You may even shoot a video of your products and post it at YouTube
  45. Start a link exchange program.
  46. Go as you grow’ – invest the money you make back to the business to make it grow faster.
  47. Learn from the experts – seek training books, videotapes, CD’s and DVD’s.
  48. Utilize your resources, ask for support. Never try to do everything yourself – as your business grows you may have to hire people.
  49. You do not have to be a technical wizard – but a little bit of it always helps.
  50. Do not overwork yourself. Enjoy life and give time to the family. Remember you opted to work from home because you might have wanted to stay close to the family.

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Nancy, and Bill Jamison have been married 9 incredible years. They have 2 brilliant children – Rex and Luke – that keep them grounded in the present moment and continuously teach them about the wonderment of life. Nancy is a successful Home Business Expert & Entrepreneur, the Co-Author of Hyper-Growth: How to Catapult the Growth of Any Small Business Using Proven M5 System.

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