squeeze-page5The best way to turn an email list into lasting profits is to create a positive relationship with your audience. The absolute only way to enjoy the fruits of an email list is by having built it into a list that is warm to promotional offers.

But that is the end game, so let’s back-up and start right at the beginning with acquiring opt-ins for your email list. Simply putting up a “subscribe here” box on your website won’t do the trick.

What you will need is a squeeze page so you can market your offer and develop your list. For example, if your targeted niche is in the “Weight Loss” category then your offer should be with products and services that match this specific category or sub-category.

The call to action is one of the most vital elements of your squeeze page. Your conversion rates will be small and futile if your call to action is weak and has no weight. There are plenty of online marketers who are new to the game who have no idea that most of the people landing on their squeeze page have no clue regarding what their next step should be.

Most often, you have to spell out exactly what action is required of them. If you want them to subscribe to your list by entering their email address then that’s what you need to tell them. Conversion rates increase if the call to action has large graphics or text positioned next to it, which is a proven fact according to certain studies.

You may have noticed that many of the top marketers are now including video on their squeeze pages, which they use to entice people to put their email address in the opt-in box, in return for a freebie, a report or perhaps, a contest. Thus, the first step to building an effective squeeze page that sets itself apart from the crowd and has a positive impact on your traffic is to have a great call to action.

One huge mistake that will kill conversions is making your readers jump through a bunch of hoops. For many years, online marketers have usually used the name and email address field for subscriptions.

So if you really think about it, for an email marketing list there is no real reason for anything else. We have seen reports in which opt-ins increased when the first name was not required, just the email address.

Lastly, you should never have a ‘reset’ option on your squeeze page. Your goal is to get people to sign up and not to leave or cancel their information.

So, as a rule of thumb, the more direct your squeeze page is, the better results you will get.

You need to focus on tweaking and improving your squeeze page all the time if you want to see long-term advantages and positive results. The secret to high conversion rates is to constantly work on your page, making necessary changes, because a squeeze page is not something you can just throw up on the web and then forget about it.

You can gather all the data pertinent to the performance of your squeeze page from traffic reports and other analytics, which will also provide you with the elements that need to be modified for improved performance. Many will upload various combinations of the same offer on a squeeze page to test which variation attracts the most and, consequently, convert better than other presentations of the same offer, this is called split-testing.