Twitter-marketing-tips-for-bloggersMany internet marketers are discovering that “tweeting” is an excellent way to get the targeted traffic they’re looking for.

This extremely popular social media site takes relationship building for marketers to a new level. When you start promoting a product or services on the 140 characters per post outlet, you need to realize that in order to increase the response from your target audience; you will have to be extremely honest in your approach.

Bragging about things that do not actually work or praising your stuff too much will only backfire. When you send messages out to your followers and the community, being as transparent as possible is the rule of the game.

Let’s be honest: Twitter is growing at an alarming rate because people love the give and take of the community and that it is not a commercial environment. One good example is a person who wants to market a weight loss book or product but who first works to convince his followers that he only wants to discuss pertinent issues in an open forum and that he has nothing to hide.

When you are asked a question do not hold back but do answer it honestly. This will create a strong, positive impression on their minds and give you what you need – sales, conversions and long-term business profits. Don’t forget to include a little about who you are, and never forget your web address.

Too many Twitter marketers make the blunder of trying to sell something in their profiles, and they wonder why they fail. Instead, use your profile to express yourself and, in a few words, describe your passion and what you’re trying to do for your followers.

Mentioning your product in your profile is acceptable as long as it’s only once or twice and it’s never pushed on the viewer. Some people are automatically inclined to name their Twitter account after their product or their business name, but this is a bad idea.

You are better off choosing something that people will resonate with, like your own name or a pseudonym. This can actually help create a great relationship with your followers.

The reason they will be subscribing to your tweets is so that they can get some information from a real person and not get bombarded with sales tweets. As long as you present yourself properly, people will want to follow you in droves.

If you write boring tweets, nobody is ever going to respond to them. You must learn how to lure your followers in and separate yourself from the dozens of other tweets they’re bombarded with daily. An easy way to do this is to add a shock element to your tweets and surprise your followers every time.