Article-Marketing-WorksArticle marketing, which is the act of placing articles on websites and article directories, is getting more popular all the time because it is a cheap way to promote other online ventures.

By using marketing affiliation on your website, you can earn a commission on a product you have written about on your website. Find great article marketing tips in this article.

Don’t use more than 3 or 4 keywords per article. Using a keyword in excess of 5 times per article will send up a red flag to both your customers and the search engines. Keep it to 4 or fewer repetitions per article to avoid causing this problem.

Post new articles to your website regularly. Search engines don’t list your site once and then forget about it. They automatically check your site for new content on a regular basis and change your search rank based on how current the information is.

Updating content regularly will make search engines index your website more frequently, which allows your message to reach more customers.

Engage the reader like you were actually having a conversation with them face-to-face. This method will make readers relax and not feel that they are wading through a formal dissertation intended to manipulate you. Keep it conversational and give your articles a relaxed, friendly quality.

Your skill level has a big impact on your marketing success, so don’t try to do things you don’t have the skill for yet. Attempting things you are not qualified to do will almost always result in less than stellar results. It is better not to do something at all if you can’t do it right, to begin with.

Make sure you focus on quality when you are submitting articles to different directories for placement. Quantity is not as important. Instead of bombarding websites with duplicates, submit quality content with thoughtfully placed keywords. Aim for trusted, relevant and popular websites and channels to distribute your articles.

Articles that you write for the purpose of article marketing should be a single page. It is tempting since it lets you insert more ads and SEO keywords. Experience shows that readers just don’t want to tackle a longer article.

So any benefits (ads and additional keywords) you might have reaped from more pages are voided. If you cannot avoid multiple pages, at least have a good link that will allow your readers to see the entire article on one single page.

In article marketing, you can work on your own and promote certain materials. In addition, when a reader goes on to buy the product, you receive a commission. Use the advice here to build your own successful article marketing approach.