Get To Know Your StumbleUpon Market To Generate Traffic

stumbleupon-logoIf you’ve been around and involved with Internet Marketing for a while, then you certainly must have heard of  one of the most efficient social website called StumbleUpon.

They are, perhaps, the ultimate social proof and sharing sites since the model it operates on involves people recommending interesting news and stories.

Those of us who are involved in home business and/or internet marketing can use this site to create traffic to our own sites but you will need to follow proper protocol.

The website is in no way, a brand new form of marketing , but it is still extremely effective and new launches are going to be utilizing it.


Pay particular attention to your tags when you are posting any content there. Tagging is not a difficult concept or practice to understand, but still you need to use it properly at this site.

You do not want to embarrass yourself by using the wrong tags and ending up in the wrong place. The other stumblers will use your links to navigate through to whatever you’re stumbling, so that part needs to be squared away. You’ll be contributing to the site in the truest sense if you tag your shares properly.

Also, share a few of your practical links with some of your friends and contacts on that site. Just like with Twitter, it is very essential that you socialize on the site for more interactions than just advertising your site.

Yes, you can add your own links but add other things of interest too. This will make other members of the community know that you want to help them and others and not only advertise your products and services.

The links that you share on a regular basis will give you credibility and make it easy for you achieve your traffic generation goals on StumbleUpon.

In order to truly leverage this social site to your benefit, you will have to produce a strong and solid foundation first. If you want to use on that social website to its full effect make sure that you use it to promote your new product launches.

You will need to submit your posts to the appropriate category, and that should be pretty straightforward.

Everything matters there which is why being in the proper place with your posts and links will make a huge difference. If you are not sure about the category, then just simply try one and see what kind of response you get.

In summary, understand that getting useful traffic to your website from a social platform like StumbleUpon is not at all difficult. Just like any other place on the net, very many people try and fail and only a few succeed – but you know how to succeed, now. If you are able to avoid pushing the process, then you have a fighting chance.