facebookAt this point, it is perfectly clear that running ads on this popular platform can be hugely profitable. But that does not mean every business who runs ads there have seen the results they dreamed of, and there are a host of possible reasons for that.

The basic mechanism is exactly the same as anywhere else, and you have to possess the needed knowledge and execute everything properly.

This is not like going to the moon and though it is not difficult, it takes the right kind of effort and persistence to get results that count.

Running ads on Facebook is similar to other platforms for which you have to employ the right methods for targeting your audience.

Your advertising on this platform is basically the same as other forms of marketing meaning that you need to establish the connection to reach your clientele, you need to find common ground that will attract them to your ad. If you want to prove the validity of what we are saying, then simply run tests between targeted and non-targeted ads.

Here is something else to try, and that is by combining your ad with your Facebook page Reveal tab. The advantage is that they do not have to give out their email address like an opt-in, all they need to do is to ” like”  your page to get the proposed content.

There are no guarantees that everybody will like your page, and there will be a conversion rate for this part of the process, too. Bear in mind that you are not home-free after they ‘like’ you, and you will need to work to create more trust, etc.

Email marketing is still powerful, and marketers are using their fan page as a way to develop an email marketing list. Once you get them to opt-in to you, then, of course, you will have that list connected to your autoresponder of choice.

It is important to notice how building and working on positive business relationships are interwoven all throughout this process. So get familiar with Facebook’s resources and help pages to find out how to put all this into effect. In short, your ads will fall flat if you do not perform adequate market research so you know how to structure your ads.

Using a FaceBook Fan Page to promote your niche and your main website or salespage can be a very powerful resource if it is use properly. Make sure that your posts and ad are relevant and that you keep on the subject at all time.  Your posts should be interesting and push toward creating communication between you and your audience while the advertisement is to guide the fans to your products