seocommentsDo you know what you should do to get more readers to comment on your blog posts?

The following article talks about how you can take appropriate steps to boost your chances of getting your readers involved and have them make quality comments consistently.

Create Unique Content: It’s a known fact that people love commenting on content that is unique and offers real value. The number of comments a blog post receives is usually related to how valuable the post is to readers.

That’s why you have to first consider the quality of your content if you want to generate more comments. For example, let’s say you own a blog about dog training -make sure the content you post on your blog is different from the hundreds of thousands of “dog training” articles on the web.

Don’t just rehash existing content, but try adding a unique perspective to your posts. Infuse your own personality into the posts so that your readers are able to connect with you. This will make your blog more interesting to readers, and more likely to attract comments.

Take Advantage of Social Media: When you’re able to get visitors to your blog who are highly targeted, relevant comments are sure to follow.

Social networks are a great resource for finding quality visitors to your blog who are more apt to comment. Think of how much more attention your blog posts could get if you build up a following on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The more you network on sites such as these, the more potential visitors and commenters you’ll have for your blog. It doesn’t really take any additional work once you’ve set up your accounts and connected them with your blog; you just have an additional way to reach people.

Run a Commenting Contest: This is actually a simple yet effective way to get lots of comments from your readers.

A contest with fun prizes can be a great way to inspire comments to your blog. There are lots of ways to organize the contest; you could, for example, give people an extra chance to win with each comment.

You can run all kinds of contests if you use your imagination and consider what will appeal to your readers. The main benefit, of course, is that it’s a way to get people to comment.

The above are all effective ways to generate more comments to your blog, but if you have almost no comments now, you’ll have to build them up over time.

The main factor is the kind of content you publish on your blog, as this is what really generates interest. If your blog posts contain first rate content, people will automatically want to comment on them.