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This is something I just found and found interesting. It helps me curate interesting thing I find here and there. After installing this WordPress plugin and playing around with it for a while, I was amazed of the powerrful Curator and all of its abilities at 0$ cost and simple to add to your sites – as good, if not bether than many of the “Curator Tools” often offered at a price or monthly membership fee.

Here are a few exerpts from the post:

“Get It is a bookmarklet: a little app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web. Use Get It to save articles to your training page as you are reading them in your browser or iPad!

After installing the Get It bookmarklet, whenever you see an article or blog post you would like to curate to your site, just click or touch the Get It bookmark. The tabs in the window let you choose where to save the article.

Now you can add all of the content you find while browsing the web, twitter, and your social networks. The content you discover on your own can be posted right into the training page, as a Draft post or saved into Notebooks, along with the full text and images in the original web page.”



Here is the list of all the abilities that this highly-rated WordPress plugin offers. I started discovering the different options as soon as I set it up and was very impressed with its simplicity and real accurate results.

MyCurator saves you hours a day by finding the content you can use

  • MyCurator’s Cloud AI module classifies articles based on their relevance to you after some simple training
  • The AI classification can weed out up to 90% of the spammy, off topic and irrelevant articles on the web
  • You customize the RSS, Twitter and Google Alert Sources you want to use
  • Articles are brought to you throughout the day from your Sources
  • Content is filtered for your keywords and other parameters
  • MyCurator curates content in any language, creating posts in the native language of your site
  • Quickly choose articles for curation, pop-up the full content in a readable page format to help your review

Easily compose curated posts starting with a click of the Make Live tag

  • MyCurator pre-fills the post with an image, attribution link and an excerpt into the WordPress Editor
  • Choose your own excerpts by just clicking on paragraphs from the original full article
  • Click on images from the original article to add more or change the pre-filled picture
  • Customize the curation with your own insights and comments
  • Options to manage the pre-filled links, images, and excerpts in a variety of formats

MyCurator supports a wide range of curation practices

  • Our Get It bookmarklet allows you to curate content while you browse the web on your desktop, tablet or phone
  • Curate Video from YouTube and other video sources, with the video pre-embedded into your post
  • MyCurator Notebooks allow you to save multiple articles for a complex curation or an original writing project
  • Curate several articles into a single curation just by tagging multiple articles
  • Curate articles to the Custom Post Types you’ve defined for your site
  • Bulk curation tools to handle curating many articles at once
  • A Quick Post feature to post the pre-filled curations immediately to your site
  • Selective Auto-Post capability uses our AI classification to automatically post pre-filled curations
  • Security settings for multiple curators to manage workflow and visibility of articles

This is must have to any site that basically promotes and where content is a needed source but not always an easy chore and outsourcing can become a gruesome expense.