a high-quality newsletter does take effort since there are many factors that go into making it appealing to the subscribers. However, another part of the equation is that you actually have lots of subscribers in the first place to make your newsletter a success. Given below are a few simples to apply tips that you can use to start adding more subscribers to your newsletter, regardless of the niche.

Start with a Landing Page: Getting people to notice what you offer and willing to take action is what is needed to get targeted subscribers to your newsletter. While having a subscription box on your website is good, you might want to consider a landing page where you can send targeted traffic. This is the page where you can place your subscription box along with a small sales letter with bullet points talking about the benefits of joining your newsletter list.

People that visit your landing page will get a clear idea as to what kind of action they should be taking and why they should subscribe to your newsletter. A landing page is very necessary, especially when you’re driving traffic through paid sources such as pay per click ads. You don’t want to confuse prospects, so its necessary to make your landing page simple, easy to understand and effective.

Thank You Page Promotion: Let other newsletter publishers in your niche know that you are willing to promote them on your ‘Thank You’ page if they will offer to do the same thing for you. After people are finished subscribing to a newsletter they are usually in an open mode. Creating simple partnerships with other publishers and using a ‘Thank You’ page makes it easy to get your newsletter seen by a new audience. Having a ‘Thank You’ that recommends other newsletters won’t harm your reputation or cause negative feelings about your subscribers. They’ll actually be happy that you’re recommending them some new resources that may prove to be helpful to them.

Create an Archive: A simple way to increase the subscription rate of your newsletter is to create an archive of all your previous copies of your newsletter. People that drop into your website and learn about your newsletter will obviously be curious about the quality of the content that you offer.

When you create an archive, it will give your prospects a clear idea of what your newsletter is about, the kind of content you offer, the overall structure, etc. Of course, if you are just starting out with your newsletters, this doesn’t apply to you, but once you have created a few issues there is no reason not to start an archive. Remember that the number one rule for getting newsletter subscribers is to provide your target audience with the kind of content that they really want.