Let me get straight to the point! You can’t know everything that’s to know about affiliate marketing in one single article but as you are looking for a step by step affiliate marketing strategy, here is one that can be useful. It’s very simple, it is simple but clear and I hope you will find it valuable.

It is intended for newbies or anyone curious about how to go about starting to promote affiliate products on their website for a profit. Basically how to set up a simple, yet profitable little home business and what one needs to do to reach this goal.

Prior to reading this affiliate marketing action strategy, please keep in mind that just setting up your marketing strategy by following this and the stop all efforts to draw in traffic will make all your efforts useless. You have to apply things and stick to a strategy, schedule a daily set of tasks. It’s significant and, within a short time, will make these efforts to have been worth your time.

Get Ready, Set, Go!!

Step 1: Start by going to various marketplaces such as  ClickBank, JVZoo or among the many sites where you can find the products/services you’d like to promote and browse the categories, uncover a niche you would like to target and choose what you would like to promote and set up your affiliate links with these. You are able to also pick various items inside the very same niche to ensure that you will be able to compare them on your web page.

Step 2: Do some keyword research. Uncover a keyword related to the product you are promoting that has above 2000 searches per month and much less than 50,000 quoted outcomes. Make sure that this keyword isn’t too broad (pick a lengthy tail keyword preferably) and that the individuals who type it are ready to buy now.

Once you come across an excellent keyword, purchase the domain name related to that keyword and pick a hosting provider (like HostGator). Build your website with an editor such as WordPress Maintain it simple, honest and do not push folks to invest in. You’ll be able to write a review of the ebook for instance.

Step 3: Write some articles (like 7 articles each Monday for example, you’ll need 1 per day), each of them targeting a distinct keyword. Put the keyword in your title and twice each and every 100 words in your article body. Add a link to your website at the bottom. Publish your articles by adding a new article per day on Ezine Articles and other Articles Directories.

Step 4: When an article is accepted, bookmark it on social bookmarking websites such as,, and It will develop backlinks to your article that will increase its ranking on Google. Telling people about the new article can spread quickly across the web with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed.

Also, publish the exact same article on other primary directories such as GoArticles and ArticleBase (read their policy about duplicate content first) and incorporate a link to your website at the bottom of these articles and a link to your key article (the one on Ezine). The goal would be to boost that primary article to give it a greater ranking.