success with Amazon is all about focusing on the small details to get the big picture right, and in the following article that’s exactly what we show you so that you may start making more money from the program… It’s amazing at how easily things can be improved.

Sell More to Go Higher: Making more money with Amazon Associates involves more than just doing a little bit of promotion from time to time; you need to work on consistently selling a higher product volume so that you can get to the next tier in the program. You earn higher commission percentages when you sell higher volumes of products; that is the way the program was set up.

Simply put, when you increase your volume you stand to earn quite a lot more because you will have a higher percentage commission on each individual sale. One practice that works very well is choosing niches with less competition where the items that are sold aren’t that expensive. But the main reason you’re choosing these niches is that it’ll be easier to sell a large number of products in them – you are pretty much interested in these markets. This allows you to get up into the higher-earning tiers which help you earn more money overall.

Publish a Recurring Deals Post: If you’re running a blog through which you’re promoting the Amazon products, you can take a smart step and actually mention the popular products on your website by doing a “Weekly Deals” post, where you would help people find and discover the best deals. This means that you’ll be posting regularly about the best values in your market. So how often should this recurring post be published? That depends on your readers and your relationship with them but the once a week schedule is a pretty reliable one.

Publish a Bestseller List: Bestseller lists, one of Amazon’s most popular features, make it easier for shoppers to buy things through Amazon because the best products are all put together in a list according to niche markets. You can list the top five or ten products on your website to get the best results. An easy way to boost your sales is to publish a ‘Bestsellers List’ and mention the bestsellers that are currently trending. Amazon gives you the list of all the top sellers, which are actually those products that your visitors are most likely to buy.

If you look you will see that there are all sorts of affiliate programs out there but none of them compare to the Amazon Associate’s program when it comes to credibility and reliability.