, e-commerce has developed into a massively profitable channel for retailers. The quality of the hosting services that a lot of small businesses are using often leaves a lot to be desired. A recent report proved that 1 in 3 individuals has dumped their online dealings as a result of poor website design and inefficient hosting.

A research study from hosting provider 1 & 1 finds worryingly low levels of user satisfaction with the small enterprise hosting services accessible to them. The risk of offering a bad online experience is clear – 49% of consumers feel that obtaining a bad website presence has a more serious influence than a company having no website at all.

Oliver Mauss, CEO, 1 & 1 Internet said: “Research shows that keeping an ugly or badly functioning website online can comprise a danger to sales revenue. Consumers have ever higher expectations, and it is essential that every company website or blog inspires confidence. Businesses that invest carefully in their web experience will see higher levels of customer spend, retention and referral”.


Hunting for the Ideal Server to Host your Domain

One of the first decision you will need to make is if a shared, a dedicated or cloud-based server is the right choice for your company. Very small companies will typically opt for a shared or managed solution as these are often called. Expenses are affordable, but your company will be sharing its hosting server with many other enterprises.

A dedicated server as its name reveals is just one server held for your enterprise. Dedicated servers are not as pricey as they once were and can make financial sense if you wish your business to have its own server platform.

It is crucial to look carefully at the service level (SLA) that will be connected to your dedicated server. Hunt for any added costs like care, or other ‘additions’ that are not covered by the rental cost.

As the cloud has made a huge effect right all over the company environment, small business website hosting has also been touched by the cloud and now offers an alternative to the standard hosting options. The power of cloud hosting is the versatility it offers. Essentially, your business can obtain just space and associated hosting services it may need now and that can be expanded at any moment with no interruption to the enterprise.

Your Website’s Hosting To-Do Checklist

There really’s more to picking out a web host than just choosing the most suitable server, you should also take into account other section of the service including the domain name you will be using to¬†point to your website.

1. Get the right domain name host

A search for ‘domain name registrations’ on Google or other search engines will produce several different companies offering this service. Always read the small print on any domain name registration to make sure that it is not going to be sold from under your feet in a year, once your website is established, or that the pricing isn’t going to suddenly rise – GoDaddy and Namecheap are 2 very reliable sites I suggest. If you have a very common name or are in a competitive market then it is worth looking into buying the other domain name extensions such as .net or .org and point them to your site as you do with your primary domain name.

B. Do you host with your web designers or a 3rd party?

Once you have your website built you then will have to look for a home for your data to be hosted. Lots of web design providers offer this as a portion of their service, nevertheless, this locks your online company to their complete service. This is often the case with online services such as training membership online clubs where your site, domain name, and content is locked to their service where it can be nasty to get back if ever you cancel the club. Choosing an independent web host allows you more control and indicates that you are dealing with the web host directly rather than through a 3rd party.

C. Take the Time to Read the Contract’s Fine Print

Lots of hosting providers will give you an all-included package with set-up, hardware, operating system, support, and bandwidth. This may appear like a quick and easy way to go but the trouble with these packages is that you aren’t able to see precisely where your cash is going, and so can’t see if you’re spending for things you really don’t really need. The best way to ensure you’re not tricked is to request a breakdown of services and specific quotes for support, bandwidth, additional hardware etc…

Users that have become particularly critical of the online stores they order from want to see firm websites that perform efficiently and are accessible on demand. To keep these users coming it is vital that you choose the perfect hosting service helping you assure that your small business becomes a destination site in its category where your visitors are going to talk about right across their social media networks and attract more visitors.