The UberQast Review | Time Someone Told the Truth About This Submitting Software!

      Comments Off on The UberQast Review | Time Someone Told the Truth About This Submitting Software! we have great news for everyone. Organic SEO is about to get a lot easier with this new product that was recently launched called UberQast and the group called The Epic Era Leaders Team has just added this new software to the list of must-have tools for any serious Internet marketers.

Considering the number of websites available just with a click, it is very difficult to compete for a page 1 spot on search engines with organic search terms, in fact, it has never been so difficult as it is nowadays.

Even though it can be quite discouraging at times for many of us, today’s Internet requires quality content a lot more than it has in recent years where certain methods of Internet marketing can cause trouble more than help so today’s software needs to follow the rules such as those imposed by Google, especially since Penguin.

We are certain that, just like us, you are getting it pretty discouraged at wasting a lot of good money on automated services that either doesn’t give the desired results or get all of your hard work quickly banned as soon as the site you have submitted to search engines algorithms and they catch on.


So finally, arrives this new software that you can use on a Mac or a Windows computer where it gathers all of the submission output that you need, all automated for you on 1 neat interface where you will still need to do the human part. The creators have put together a system that can create the perfect balance between automation and speed and human-powered content distribution, to actually give us the results we were looking for.



UberQast is the most powerful all in one Organic Traffic Generation System that builds a stream of visitors without ever having to manually build links again! This is not just an “SEO” software. The valuable tool can be used for Local Business Listing, Video Marketing Campaigns, Blog Ranking, Podcast Ranking, and a lot more! But, keep in mind that with a little bit of experience and know-how, steady input to your marketing effort and the right tools such as this “submission organizer”, a page-1 search engine results is at your reach.

Armed with a multitude of robust traffic generating capacities, this clean interface groups all of the submission tools we can ever hope for as the “Swiss Army Knife” of traffic building. It will easily automate all your article, press release and video site submission and directory sharing to social media to a simple process. There will be some work to do but this tool makes it a heck of a lot easier for you to get traffic to your site. We like to consider this as a very efficient virtual assistant in this process of the marketers work cycle when launching and maintaining campaigns.


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You now have the ability to syndicate, link building, and grab real interested visitors across the web with the valuable assistance of this software! With this software you can submit your quality content to various outputs as shown below :

UberQast Graph1

The Submitting Process:

The way this program was designed was not intended to be a fully-automated tool. it was actually created to be semi-automated so you still have to submit to these different sites and services and you’ll have to go through and create an account with the services which can be a long setup to go through but it is a one time process assuring long-term enjoyment of this one-click clean automation rather than having to do this long process every time you want to submit.

But, there is a valid reason for this; Uberqast was set up that way so that you don’t get your account and links banned, spammed, or deleted all over the web as soon as it is considered that automated robots are feeding the sites you are submitting to. So you’ll actually be able to drive real visitors and real traffic back to your website.

This is very important since this is where this software succeeds where many others have failed.

2 Formats – Which to Choose?

The software is offered in 2 packages : the “Lite” for 1 license and the “Traffic Domination” the latter offers unlimited licenses at a slightly higher price with added options worth a goldmine by opening a whole other level of tools to make creating content with an  “Epic Content Machine”  by adding the “Explore Additional Modules” to help you create the hottest socially shared content and write highly engaging content to boost rankings and get a wave of shared content. It also has a built-in spinner in its software but you can link it to your own article rewriter such as Spin Rewriter, which is another fantastic tool. (Click here for our review). We highly suggest the “Traffic Domination/Unlimited licenses” option – it is too good a deal!

The only negative flaw we were able to come up with is not even related to the product or its performance. After purchasing the product, there was a small glitch that kept us from completing the download. We sent in a ticket and it was resolved in a bit under 20 minutes and a follow-up email to be sure that everything was resolved. Oh, and that was on launch day where it is certain to be very occupied so – kudos to the support team! An awesome product and fantastic support.


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  • An all around program to distribute your content.


  • You need to submit manually. This is a semi-automatic process that will give the sites a human submission to their service which, in turn, avoids being banned for automated submission.
The UberQast Submitting Sotware Review


Creator: Devin Zander
Product: UberQast
Launch Day : 2014-10-07
Price : $37/$47 – Prices to double after 2014-10-10
Website: Click here for more information!

Overall appreciation : 100% and a big thumbs up

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