working-from-home-on-headset_pan_13267EBooks, ezines, newsletters, reports, survey results, tutorials, training courses and interviews are all kinds of info product creations. These can be used to help you launch your business, and be either sold or given away.

Selling your info products can bring in 20% of your businesses income, and giving them away can generate sales of your other products or services by drawing them into your site, getting you established as an expert, allowing you to collect information to produce your distribution list, build your credibility, and allow you to earn income from affiliate links that can be used to in them.

Info product creation has several advantages: they are simple to produce, economical, low risk, DIY, and they’re forever in demand. The low start-up cost might include buying a software package, domain, or host, however, if you have these in place then it’s just a matter of sitting down, doing a bit of research, and also writing.

Once you have it written you will have to be sure you edit it carefully then do a little creative work on it such as adding images and a cover. Remember that adding images will take time to download and may be overbearing if not kept simple. So use quality images and put them appropriately in your product.

When creating your cover you want to make sure that it looks professional, it’s clean and easy to read but use some color to make it look nice.

Producing and distributing your info products is actually very easy. Software like Microsoft Office, Open Office, MS Publisher or any other similar software may be used to easily create the info product.

Once it’s created, edited, images added, and the book cover created and put into place you will need to save the info product as a PDF. In saving as a PDF be sure to review the whole document to make sure that all of the images are saved properly and that also all the lines and formatting were taken care of.

You may need to make some adjustments to the info product and re-save as a PDF. As soon as the PDF has been created distribution is as simple as uploading to your blog or website so that your customers can download it or it may be emailed as an attachment.


There are 2 basic ways to use an info product: Sell them; Give them away.

Selling info products can obviously turn a profit in itself but giving them away, how does that turn a profit for your business you may ask? Once you give away an info product you’ll attract more visitors to your site.

If they are interested in the type of info product you developed they’ll be sure to grab it, as it’s free. Here’s your time to shine. If they like it they will return to get more. Every time they come to your site they will be drawn in and could probably turn into a buying customer for other services and products you offer.