Video Jacker Review: This One Takes the Cake!

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video-jackerThis is a quick review of the Video Jacker program by Chris & Andrew  Fox. We have tested a few of their products in the past  and did not get any true satisfaction  as far a for results to the high hope their promotion promised.

This time around, they are promoting Video Jacker where many questions has arisen a lot of doubt in the approach that they propose. We have seen many scammy products advertizes as the “solutioné. to our marketing effort but this one really takes the cake.

We have put back to back a promotional video for Video Jacker describing the proposed method to use their plugin software to clone high-ranking websites from any source to make your own.

The second video gives a valid point of view on this offer and offers a fair warning of the moral and legal implications involved.


We believe it is the most direct way for you to get a good critique of the offered merchandise before considering purchasing this program.


A Video Jacker Promo Demonstration of the Program in Action.

Video Jacker Review: A look at what the Fox Brothers are suggesting you do to “jack” other’s websites and what it actually means as far as morally and legally.