long-term-growthDriving the right kind of visitors to your blog is what makes the difference between your blog’s success or failure. To increase long-term traffic to your blog, keep the following tips in mind.

Start Conversations: One of the reasons why some blogs have higher traffic than others is simply because they are more engaging. A good conversation is a surefire way to turn a visitor into a regular reader of your blog. If you have posts that invite commenting, visitors will be more likely to get involved and write something. Your objective should be to get a number of readers participating, so you don’t have to do all the work of generating content.

Commenting is a way for more visitors to notice your blog via the search engines, which index blog comments. It’s really important that you make your readers feel that they are a part of your blog so that they can subscribe to your blog, recommend it to others, share your posts on social networking sites and come back for more.

Submit to Blogs: Finding new and easy ways to drive targeted traffic to your blog is part of your job as a blogger. Some of the methods out there can bring you consistent traffic if you take action on them – such as submitting your article to blog carnivals that are related to the niche you’re targeting. The good thing is, your articles get posted most of the time, and you could generate a stream of relevant visitors to your blog at no cost.

There are many bloggers that take advantage of blog carnivals on a regular basis, and since the traffic is targeted, you may turn a good chunk of these first-time visitors into repeat visitors. This method helps you gain a handful of loyal readers every time you post an article, which is one of your main goals as a blogger.

Offline Techniques Can Also Work: You don’t have to limit all your traffic building efforts to the internet, as there are also some good offline techniques worth using. There are tons of ways to get your blog is known offline, such as getting it printed on your business card, letterheads, pamphlets, etc.

So as you go about your day, think of as many offline ways as you can to publicize your blog, as this can mean a big increase in the amount of traffic you get. Remember that nowadays people don’t even have to be in front of a computer to check out your blog; they can load it on their smartphone.

Offline marketing presents you with another extremely effective way to get more targeted visitors to your blog.

When it comes to generating traffic, these tips rarely fail. Taking consistent action is essential if you want to make it big with your blog. Start using the above tips today and you’ll be well on your way.