seo-video-largeOne thing that usually gets ignored when it comes to search engine positioning is usually adding video to the site.

This is certainly one of the best and also easiest ways to increase your rankings almost instantly.

Everybody has learned that Google loves content material and they will see video as content for your web page.

Among the first things you are going to have to obtain is a video for your website.

You basically have a couple of choices when it comes to the video, you can get one from YouTube or else you can make your own video using video software or Google+’s video capacities or a pretty awesome program that just came out called Explaindio Video Creator.

That being said, you should recognize that creating your own video is going to be your best option. When you create this video you have the option to speak about your niche or you can just market your product in the video and aim all aspects of the project towards your site or sales page.

And again Google will certainly look at this video as extra content for your web page and we all know exactly how much this search engine loves content.

One thing it’s also advisable to do with this video is to let YouTube host it for you and then add the video to your website using the YouTube embedded link, as this creates a link to YouTube on your site.

Part of the way that Google decides your positioning is by looking at what web pages your site is linking to. Then when you’re linking to solid sites like YouTube, you will notice that Google will offer your website a lot of love.


Now another thing you will soon discover is that when folks check out your video and they like it, they may very well place a link on their website pointing to the video on your site. This will help to build your backlinks, and as everyone knows, backlinks are a major key to search engine ranking.

And one final way that incorporating video to your website can help is because Google, in addition, ranks your web page by how long individuals stay on your site. If your web page visitors only stay for a short period, the search engines will feel that your web page is not very valuable.

Search Engines will give you a better positioning if your web page visitors stay on your web page for a long time so if they’re watching your video they will probably hang out a little while.

Not to mention that when your visitors stay on your web page, you will find that you will have a better opportunity to sell one of your products or perhaps get folks to click on your pay per click ads.

You should understand that the reasons we have given you here really should be more than enough of a reason for you to add video to your web page.

Your video is one way for you to get your name out there as well as to get your brand name out there. You can use a camcorder or even a screen capture software program for creating these types of videos, just remember to be entertaining.